About Us

Rocky Glade Farm is all about family. We have a commitment to our family and to YOURS to grow the best food we can and conduct our business in a manner pleasing to God, by selling only the very best our farm produces.

Rocky Glade Farm was established in 1998 after Jim and Julie Vaughn were married earlier that summer. We both started out with public jobs but felt a calling back towards "home" and farming. What began by growing out a few custom beef calves for friends and a garden for ourselves is now a full-time job for the both of us. Rocky Glade Farm is a busy place utilizing approximately 50 acres to raise vegetables, grass-fed beef, and Katahdin sheep to feed local families and friends. Overlooking the whole operation would be three Great Pyrenees dogs: Houdini, Ellie and Jo-Jo.

Our farm family was blessed with a bumper crop in June 2004 when our son Dylem was born. His main interest on the farm includes anything that has to do with tractors.

Another bumper crop was harvested in July 2007 (despite a severe drought that summer) as Caleb James was born. His main interests inlude anything and everything his big brother is doing!

And if we thought the previous two were bumper crops--In December of 2012 Justin and Jacob, fraternal twin boys were born to our family. Yes, that is right, FOUR strong farm boys for our family. We are so very thankful for the family God has given us!

Our thanks to our Heavenly Father. Without the HOPE that He gives daily, we would have given up on farming many times over. Praise Him for continually sustaining us and meeting our needs. If that weren't enough, He blesses us daily with a life and family that we love.

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