Grass is the food of choice at Rocky Glade Farm! Life for our calves begins in the spring of the year on our farm when the grasses are lush and plentiful. For the next year and a half to two years they are "rotationally grazed" on our farm, which means that our animals are moved to new pastures frequently so that they have access to fresh, high quality forages at all times. All of our beef is completely grass-fed and grass-finished, which means absolutely no grain is used to supplement their diets. An all-grass diet, low-stress herding and a natural kelp/salt mineral mix keeps our calves in optimal health and eliminates the need for antibiotics. All of our farm raised meats contain no steroids, no hormones or antibiotics.

Jim's family has been in the business of raising cattle for over 30 years!

Interested in 100% grass-fed beef? Whole, halves and quarter beef available. Email us for availability and more details Available summer2020. New information and deposits in February 2020.

Rocky Glade Farm Custom Beef Information Sheet

Rocky Glade Farm Beef is 100% grass-fed and finished and rotationally grazed so our cattle have fresh grass all the time! We never feed or give supplemental antibiotics or growth hormones. Buying our grass-fed beef in bulk can help lower your family's food bill and at the same time provide you with higher quality, better tasting, healthy beef.

Who should buy a custom beef?
Custom beef is most useful to families who generally eat meals at home three or more times per week and who are able to use and enjoy different cuts of beef. In general you can plan to need 7 cubic feet of freezer space for a half of beef.

***pricing is based on dressed weight of the beef, pricing will vary from beef to beef and from procession options chosen per beef. Please email for more information.

General Information
Pricing on custom beef is based on the dressed weight of the beef calves at the processor's facilities. You will pay Rocky Glade Farm for the beef, and then the processor for services at the time you pick up the meat. Processing will be done at Cherry Meat Company, Chapel Hill Tn ( (931) 364-7924
***you can plan to pickup your beef approximately 3-4 weeks from the delivery date to the processor. Please make sure you have received a call from the processor or our farm before going to pickup your beef.

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