Difference between 1 and 2

The biggest difference between child number one and child number two my husband Jim explains to me is not necessarily about the child...it is about the mom. With my first child I read every kid book i could get my hands on and when he was screaming i was still reading trying to figure out why and what to do. Jim finally just told me to burn those books...and so before the second child arrived i took his advice.

Jim just laughed the other day (a particularly fussy day with baby and tiring day with our 3 year old). Jim came in the house after working outside in the hot sun to find mom with baby in the sling, 3 year old entertaining himself somehow and a book in mom's hands...as he chuckled to himself he said aloud..."see with the first you tried to figure out why it was happening by reading every Dr that has written a book...with the second you just stuff them in the pouch and pick up a good piece of fiction."

And yes, that just might be the biggest difference between child one and two so far! This time I am just trying to laugh at it all instead of going insane trying to figure it all out!

Much love and blessings and respect for all the parents of multiple children out there!

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