Not Just Getting Fat

I know it has to be on some of your minds. How can she claim to work so hard in the summer and yet be putting on the pounds? Have you SEEN her belly?

Well, the answer is that although there is a good amount of fat on this body of mine, there is also a growing baby inside. Our family is really excited about welcoming the next Vaughn to our family early January 2013!

The boys are thrilled. D wants a sister (he just loves all of your little baby girls that visit the market booth each week). Caleb wants a brother because he wants to keep things in order. We have nicknamed them "son one" and "son two" so naturally Caleb (my little everything in order man) wants to let this one be "son three". Caleb is also tickled about a new baby because then he can lose the title of "baby".

Children are a gift from God. Jim and I are tickled about another whether it is a boy or girl.

Thanks for your love and support and prayers and for not too much gossip about my growing midsection!

Love you all!

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