Eating for three, table for six?

In last month's newsletter Jim and I broke the news about expecting the next Vaughn (singular) in January 2013. A few short weeks ago as the ultrasound tech began her exam we were told that instead of ONE baby, we would be adding two babies (plural) to our family!

Yes! The Vaughn Family is about to become a family of 6. Jim likes to joke that I take HALF of our family with ME everywhere I go! haha! Just so you know, Jim has had a better handle on this situation than I have from the get go. He just kept telling me as the tech was taking measurement of Baby A AND Baby B that everything would be OK, everything would work out just fine.

You know what? I believe him. It is going to be all good and work out just fine because God can see us through anything. He might have to carry me many times, but He doesn't mind doing that either.

The boys are thrilled. They were there with us in the ultrasound room and were just as shocked at there being two babies as we were. It was actually pretty cute to watch the expressions on everyone's face. Dylem just loves our "growing family" and Caleb can't wait to play with them. And of course since we don't know the sex of either baby EVERYONE from Grandma to our librarian has a guess and a hope of what they will turn out to be. Mommy just wants two healthy full term babies. It is all I have ever wanted when carrying our children.

So for now it is more homeschool time, house work and office work for me as I am not that much help in the fields anymore (no one liked rolling me from row to row haha!) Fall is coming and I am just trying my best to figure out what life looks like from this point on. One thing for sure it will look a lot different than it has in the past. Our family is behind us, God is with us and we appreciate the support of you our "market family" in whatever comes next!

The babies are due most likely sometime in December 2012. Out of all the books I have read about twins it seems flexibility is the key, so I "the planner" am learning to be "flexible" in just about every area of my life. For sure there will be some great life lessons from God ahead. I look forward to sharing them with you.

Have a great fall Ya'll!

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