He turns His head to listen?

These days the most played game around here is trying to guess what word Julie is trying to think of. Of all the symptoms of pregnancy "Mommy Brain" (aka "losing my mind"!)seems to bother me the most. I truly can empathize with stroke victims or people with temporary memory loss. You KNOW the word you want to say, you can see it, you can spell it, you can almost SMELL it for crying out loud, but to call it and pronounce it with your tongue--impossible! I want to go on record of saying to everyone around here--I am sorry and WOW you guys are incredibly great guessers of what I am trying to say!

How do you picture God listens to you? Sometimes I picture this "call center" type setup in Heaven where there are thoughts and hopes and dreams and urgent needs sort of floating around and God because He is Omni-everything of course hears all of them, but sometimes I picture Him just saying "Roger, copy that" or "10-4, will do when I get a second". One day when I just really needed to KNOW that He was hearing me and my heart and EVERYTHING I was pouring out to Him I read Psalms 40. I was blown away.

"I waited patiently for God to help me, then He inclined His ear towards me and heard my cry".

Whoa! Did that just say that God actually turns towards me when I call out to Him? Yes, I believe it did and you know what? That made all the difference to this little girl. Not only does God hear me (and YOU) when we call out to Him with whatever is on our hearts, He actually TURNS TOWARD US, like a good listener should, so that we know He is paying attention and hears what we have to say.

Good stuff there--hang on to that when you feel all alone, like even God isn't listening to you!

The rest of the verse is pretty cool too "He lifted me out of the despair and set my feet on the firm path and STEADIED me as I walked along. He has given me a new song to sing."

So when you doubt what God is doing in your life, about your life, with your life know this: He hears you, He turns toward you, listens, understands and then proceeds to put you on firm ground and steady you as you walk. Now that is full service listening!

With love to you all this month of October. I hope it is a great one for everyone!

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