OK, so I am a never give up kind of girl. This goes a way back in my family history and I am most certain running suicides (yes they were actually called this)to get in shape for basketball under Coach Larry Osborne in Jr. High has contributed to my belief that even when my body says it needs a break, I tell it to suck it up and get back on the court or in the field.

Until now. Now there are two other little people to think about that depend on my body and not just me. That is what gets me to slow down and give in to the advice of resting more and letting others do what I would normally do. Surrender.

Each pregnancy, each child, each day on the farm teaches me something deep about myself and it is not always pretty when it surfaces. This time around I get the sense that God is actually calling me to surrender a lot of things, not just my chores.

Life will look a lot different for me for the next few years. I won't be able to sling the baby in the backpack and keep on planting. Surrender. I am certain there will be changes to our family as we know it. Surrender. And I am sure that many other areas of my life will change as well besides my waistline! Surrender.

I have thought a lot about this word--surrender. I have almost always thought of it in a negative way, but in the past few weeks the silver lining has come forth. Only in complete surrender to God will I be able to handle all the changes coming my way, changes to my body, my family, life as I have known it. Only in surrender to Him will I truly find the calling He has placed on my life. Only in surrender will I be able to excel at the new challenges coming my way.

Surrender is a heart thing. It is admitting that I can't do this alone. It is accepting His peace and believing that through surrender the future will be a great one!

Much love and grace to you all as we close out the 2012 year and head into 2013.

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