One ___ at a time

How do you do life?

I am a planner, meaning I like to know what is coming, plan for it, live it through and happily file it away.

For the past few months though, planning has had to go by the wayside. Of course I could still plan all I wanted to, but likely something would happen to change those plans, and well, plans take brain cells and I didn't really have many to spare! Twins truly are double the joy and double the work, and for me double the brain cells needed to figure them out!

So my motto of survival became "one (fill in the blank) at a time". It could be one feeding at a time, one minute at a time, one more baby to swaddle at a time and on it went. That was how I made it through when I didn't think I could. Just one more thing and then it will be over (for a few minutes or hours depending on well you know what we are talking about!!) Sometimes you just don't know what you can do until you are called upon to do it. I have heard other moms of twins say they cannot recall anything in the first three months. I would say that is pretty much correct. That is why there are cameras, so you can look back at those times when you are ready to relive them again! I can't remember much about them except that I am thankful to be at 4 months old and I know we had to pass through the first three to get here, so we must have done well, at least acceptable! We are all still here and moving!

The babies are actually very good babies and we are tremendously blessed with that fact. We are so happy to have them be a part of our family and our older boys, Caleb and Dylem are such a great help and of course the babies adore them!

I am sure Jim has had his own "one ___" to fill in this winter as he has pretty much run the farm without me. Him and his yellow legal pads, a good dose of grace and plenty of lost sleep on his part to make sure nothing was left behind. He has done an awesome job keeping this farm family rolling!

There is a Jason Aldean song out now that says That's the only way I know, don't stop til the job gets done, straight ahead and on the track, don't back up, DON'T back down, full throttle, wide open, if you get tired you don't show it, dig a little deeper until you think you can't dig no more--that's the only way I know

Truly that is how the Vaughn Family has made it this winter, that and the grace of God. And truly, it has been beautiful, wonderful and we are forever grateful for the blessings we have been given and the mercy extended to us each and every day---That's the only way WE know.

with love

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