Things overheard on the farm

So just in case you are wondering if farmers talk to themselves while they work, well of course they do AND mothers laugh out loud when they work too. I know I do, especially when I am around my 6 and 9 year old.

Recently overheard outside while harvesting parsley:
"Caleb, you climb to the top of the lookout tower while I go get the horses". I raise up to see what the "lookout tower" might be. The lookout tower is a large stack of 3 cubic foot compressed bales of seed starting "dirt". They are sort of arranged in a "tower" I guess. Caleb is told to get down, which turns out to be a bit tricky. At this point I have moved closer in my harvesting, so Caleb points out to me that you just have to climb up over here, jump here and get a leg up there to get to the top. I say Ohhhhhh-K! To which Dylem replies "Don't worry Mom, it is COMPLETELY SAFE!"

Yeah, like that makes me worry more right?

Completely safe. That is how I want to keep these boys. Safe in their thoughts, actions. Safe the rest of their lives. But that is an impossible task for me. I have to turn that one over to the ONE who created them. The ONE who breathed life into them and will one day welcome them home with arms of love. All I can do on this earth is love them, feed them, pray for them and lead them to HIM if at all possible

... oh all of that AND lower that stack of bales!

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