Getting on with LIFE

Well it is almost September and it is time to get on with life! It has been two months since Caleb was born and well, I would greatly enjoy feeling like I have accomplished something besides brushing my teeth daily (haha--sort of!). Anyway just thought i would update you as to what your farmers have been doing during the month of August.

First, we have been watching it dry up. Our pond is just about gone. I keep explaining the facts of life without water to the turtles...but they haven't moved yet. There is one little puddle that they are all living in. I personally have never seen it this dry in my life. Our pastures are burnt. We are rotationally grazing the cows to the same old pastures where not much new has grown. We purchased some hay to help us through winter, poor quality, but it was what was available. I have to say that through it all it has been a very good summer to have a new baby to keep my mind off the farm.

Jim has been working hard to get the hoophouses weeded and worked up and a few loads of compost should be here this week for us to apply to the beds and begin planting for the winter CSA (all shares are spoken for--amen!). I have been busy starting seeds between Caleb's feedings and naps and Dylem has helped me when it wasn't too hot on him. Funny thing...he used to be fearless outside, but this summer his new saying when you ask him if he wants to go outside is "'s too hot". Guess we will have to get him over that by next summer...but Gee I have to agree with him. It has been too hot!

September will be busy as we begin growing again for the CSA, Jim helps our neighbor milk his cows and we continue on learning what life with two boys is like. Everyone keeps telling me there is too much testosterone in my house...maybe so, but that is the way I like it!

Have a super day!

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