Hidden Farm Dangers

Well well well, my little 3 year old is learning the hard way about supply and demand, or I supposed about bullies would be the best way to put it....

You see Dylem and I baked the nicest oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies the other day as a treat for him and Daddy. We had such a good time making them together...ok I basically made them and D made sure the sugar was up to standards and that the chocolate chips had not turned bad in the bag!

When Daddy and Dylem went to check on the chickens Dylem wanted to take a cookie to snack on...you know in case he got hungry while they were out for 20 minutes (growth spurt!) From the kitchen i hear them go out to the chicken house and then I hear a terrible wail. I thought for sure Dylem had gotten hurt, or locked in or out of the house or some type of calamity. I looked through the window and saw that Daddy was with him so I did not worry.

In a few minutes a very teary eyed Dylem comes to the kitchen door barely able to talk he was sobbing so hard. "Mommy he says...a chicken ate my cookie!"

According to Daddy, Dylem was standing at the door talking to Daddy when a chicken just ran up to him, snatched his cookie from his hand and took off running fast all over the hen house...

Of course Mommy got Dylem another cookie and the tears stopped...and of course when he left the kitchen I laughed out loud!

So now I suppose when folks ask me what we feed our chickens oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies will have to be included! haha

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