Babies Babies Everywhere

Well the title might be slightly misleading, but here is what i am getting at. Late last year I started praying for a friend of mine who was due with her 5th baby in March of 2007. She was the only woman i knew who was pregnant at the time. Not too much later after I started praying...well, I was pregnant and then two fellow CSA members were pregnant and another good friend of mine was pregnant too. Seems babies around our circle tend to come in bunches! I guess that is because we all need each other to pray for one another during the early months and years! Now, all the babies I knew of except for one (my old college roomie) have arrived...most notably to you CSA subscribers Kirsten Blum gave birth to her third little girl on 11-11-07...welcome to the world Evelyn Grace and all you other little babies out there! May God Bless and you thrive!


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