My Pink Hat

I think most of you know me well enough to already be laughing about me having a pink here is the story.

Jim and Dylem went to Tractor Supply this past weekend to Christmas shop for me and Caleb. (Yes ladies that 20 ton jack will look lovely in my kitchen won't it? haha) Anyway...Jim had a hard time getting Dylem focused on shopping for other people instead of toy shopping for himself...I can understand, he is 3 for goodness sakes! However, when his eyes landed on this pink stocking cap he knew he had found what he wanted to get for Mommy. Dylem is one of those kids that once he finds something he really wants...he really does want it and nothing else. So the pink hat went in the cart and home with the boys. When Dylem got home he could hardly contain himself with how much he wanted to tell me about this hat. Jim and I tried and tried to get him to keep it a secret, but he really wanted mommy to have that hat, so I got one Christmas present early...My VERY pink, very warm stocking cap. Actually I got two was the cap, the other was knowing that my little boy who is growing so fast really wanted me to have that and thought of me before himself.

Another silver lining to my early Christmas gift is that most mornings when Dylem and I do chores and I don my pink hat he looks up at me and tells me I look pretty...for sure it is the hat that makes the difference!

Check out the farm photo page for a picture of my pink hat and the latest photo of my harvest buddy, Caleb.

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