On the move

Caleb has now reached the half year mark and I am thinking it has gone a lot faster this second time around. I suppose I just haven't had time to focus on him as much as I did with Dylem and maybe that makes time fly by!

Either way, he is mobile...and too funny! He starts out on his hands and knees rocks back and forth and then plops down on his belly to begin "swimming" to Dylem's nearest toy.

I don't remember Dylem doing this...have I forgotten or did he just CRAWL all of a sudden one day. Knowing that boy he did just that...one day made up his mind to crawl and did. As he grows older and more capable he begins to want to do more and more things...on his own...which is good and bad. My favorite lines from him go something like this: "I poured the milk all by myself and it only took two towels to clean it up", or this one from this morning when he was telling me a detailed story and then said..."and here is the messiest part Momma"...oh dear me!

So for this season of my life I am learning to just resign the neat, controlled, clean side of myself and just go with it...life with two boys and a farm is going to be messy for many more years. I can laugh at a little dirt, mud and spilled milk and the other non mentionables are getting easier to tolerate too!


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