but Mommy....Alison does it....

OK so times have changed from the first day my son Dylem laid eyes on my wonderful farm hand Alison Carey (yes...it is Tim's sister for those of you with enquiring minds!)

The first time Dylem found out about Alison, he also found out that when Alison is here...mommy has to work...which means that Daddy has to watch Caleb too...which means that Dylem cannot have his Dad's full attention. His first response to Alison? in his 3 year old words "I don't even want to seeeeee Alllllissoooonnnn!"

My, my how times have changed. Last week Dylem helped Alison and I start seeds in the greenhouse. He was supposed to be playing in the sand, but my 3 going on 30 year old son can't stay away from work so he decided to help. He and Alison got along fabulously!

So Mommy was in the greenhouse starting even more seeds just the other day, which meant I had to get dirt out and add water and fill trays and get seeds and all the normal things that go along. Dylem was with me (again supposed to be playing in the sand!!) and he critiqued my every move with....but Mommy...Alison normally does this...and Mommy Alison does it this way....and Mommy....when is Alison going to get here to help again?

Apparently, he doesn't trust my skills anymore and knows I need supervision. Which I do for the most part in about every area of my life right now (mommybrain). So Alison...can you come live with us?

Have a great week and may you be blessed with your own Alison in your life as well!


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