Stick a fork in it!

Our three year old continues to keep us chuckling!

We ordered some nitrile hand gloves from a farm supply catalog recently and Dylem helped us pick them out. We ordered two or three different brands so we could see which one we (and our summer help) prefer. One brand showed how tough the gloves were with a picture of the glove being poked with a fork and not giving way. Nothing else was said about these gloves....and then.....

the day the package arrived Dylem was excited mostly because he turns just about all shipping boxes into "barns"...and goodness knows we desperately need to recycle...but i digress!

Anyway, we unboxed our supplies and were putting them away when Dylem stated that he needed a pair of gloves. So we gave him the gloves, helped him put them on his hands and watched as he headed straight for the silverware drawer. He pulled out a fork, stuck it into the glove and said, "yep, it works Daddy."

He is just too funny...and Caleb is now pulling up which means Dylem is running out of protected play zones...oh the fun days we have ahead of us!

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