Should have had my camera!

So far this spring there are only 489 thousand times I have said to myself..."I wish I had my camera". So many cute and funny things that Dylem does on the farm everyday that I really want to permanently capture...but I don't have my camera.

Dylem recently helped us transplant potatoes, onions, and other early veggies like beans, beets and broccoli. The boy was ready to go and so cute helping hook up the transplanter to the tractor and even more cute sitting in the transplanter seat all ready to go! He was my "water man"...meaning he got to turn the water off and on as we started and stopped planting rows. I wish I had my camera for that!

Caleb the 9 month old adventure boy is crawling, pulling up and starting to climb...yes climb. So far he and Dylem are total opposites as far as babies go. Dylem was a big baby and Caleb is smaller. Dylem loved to eat food from a spoon and Caleb prefers to pick morels up from the floor...including paper, straw and string! Dylem never once thought about climbing on anything...never, but Caleb is another story. As I write this he is climbing on a box to get up on a table to get to the window...who knows what he is thinking once he gets there! And yes, I wish I had my camera!

I keep telling myself that I will permanently etch the picture memory in my mind and keep it forever that way...but come on...if I were honest with myself I would know I cannot remember what I had for lunch or did yesterday, so keeping up with one of a thousand memories is probably not going to happen. what is a mommy to do? I know someday I will probably recollect a fuzzy image of my boys doing something and wish so hard that I could remember more vividly. For now to ease my mind I just try to live every moment to the fullest...enjoy each moment with them that is possible and soak it all up...maybe I will absorb more by osmosis!

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