May 08

You it good, no matter what. Not always happy, happy, joy, joy, but good ALL the time!

May is a busy month for us and May of 08 is showing us how much we did not get done this winter on the farm due to Jim picking up an extra job to make up for the drought last summer.

The walk in cooler has been the latest project on our list and now I can happily move that into the completed category! Yes it is the most coveted spot on the farm during hot summer harvest days...I am thinking of moving our kitchen table out there...or maybe just my bed!

We still have a chicken barn to clean out and get ready to put new pullets in, cattle to vaccinate and turn the bull into for breeding, more hay to put up and two new hoophouses to construct...but for the moment we are basking in the glow of one completed walk in cooler! The Farmers' Market is open and we are expectantly looking forward to the beginning of our summer much going on at one little farm in Eagleville!

You know, all of life has ups and downs. The Lord giveth and He taketh away, and during all of that giving and taking we just have to TRUST. The drought last year was awful plain and simple, but the Lord is faithful. This year seeing all the beautiful huge round bales of feed for the winter piling up in the fields around us...well it is simply magnificient--like I am seeing it for the first time! I feel like we are living in such abundance! We still don't have enough hay for our winter needs, but I am trusting that it will be there when the time comes.

The Lord giveth and taketh away and I just look expectantly for when He begins to give always exceeds my expectations...maybe I need a bigger imagination of what God has in store for my life!

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