Are you organic or what?

Well yeah, we are probably more WHAT than organic...but that is how we like it! Probably the question most often asked of us is..."are you organic"? Our reply is that we are not certified organic, but we do grow organically.

It truly does help consumers for there to be a standard like "organic" out there to aid them in comparison shopping and to give them some base guidelines, but as big business gets into the "organic" sector, the more we do not like the term "organic".

Truly...we would like to have a relationship with you...the customer, consumer and our friend. So that you would get to know us and trust us to grow the food in a proper, responsible, healthy way. That is our first choice...but it is not always feasible so here is a little run down of what we do.

We DO use certified organic fertilizers...a composted chicken manure, kelp and we foliar feed our plants by spraying them with fish and kelp when we cultivate our crops.
If we need to control pests and I am mainly talking about colorado potato beetles and worms on brassicas, we use a certified organic form of BT (bascillus thurgenisis)
Otherwise we utilize rotational planting, succession planting and mechanical cultivation to control pests and weeds.

Why do we not certify? Yes the paperwork, Yes the time, Yes because we do not want to really have someone tell us what to do...but mainly because some things in the "organic" sector bother the fact that human sewage can be heat treated, pelletized and turned into "certified organic" fertilizer (and yes this is happening and yes there is a plant coming to Nashville in the near future). There are also companies that turn dead cattle carcases into "certified organic" fertilizer. We choose to not use those because we graze around our garden ground and sometimes graze the garden ground in the winter. (and people wonder why we have samonella, E coli and mad cow disease?)

The organic industry is growing and businesses like to follow what is hot...I believe you will see more companies looking to get their waste products turned into "certified organic" products to make an extra buck or two.

I believe as this happens it will be more and more important to know your farmer in order to know your food is safe. Any farmer that is truly growing their own stuff will be more than happy to talk with you about what it is they use/how they grow/etc.

So there you have it...we are not certified organic...we are mostly just us...growing food for you that we eat ourselves and feed our kids in the most responsible, healthiest way we know how!

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