So more than once this weekend when I told tomato buyers their total, I received the same reply, "that is a shocker, shocking, wow really that much?". I know...I say the same thing about most every bill we get in the mail, when we go to the grocery and for goodness sake definately every time I fill up with GAS these days! I understand the frustration of paying 10.00 for a bag of tomatoes even if it is a big beautiful bag of them. As Americans we have been spoiled with cheap food prices in he past. Pretty sure those days are over and instead of getting better it will possibly get worse for all of us at the grocery stores. Funny thing is, we are not charging any more for tomatoes this year than we have in years past. I know it hurts to part with more money for what seems like everything in life (trust me I KNOW!!) But by shopping local with local farmers you will save at least it is not a Kroger card rebate it is the tax money you are saving. Farmers who grow and sell their own food do not have to charge there is a savings no one else can offer you! We try our very best to keep our food at a price where you can afford to feed your family. That has always been our goal and always will be. However it is our main goal to keep our family clothed, sheltered and cared for and none of that stuff is going down either! Very few of our prices have changed this season from last and we will continue to do our best to keep it that way. Trust me all around it is shocking at how much things cost. So please keep the above ideas in mind and shock your friends into savings by encouraging them to shop local and help family farms (and farmers!) at the same time! Good folks eating good food at good prices helping good is a win win, win win!

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