Dylem's ear surgery...I felt overwhelmed in so many ways that day. It was emotional from top to bottom, starting with uncertainty, but faith and ending with gratitude, love and being oh so close to tears. God gives us challenges, mountains, mole hills, bumps, rises in life for a reason...mainly so we will lean on HIM, climb whatever is in front of us and then hold out a hand to others and help them up!

Dylem's ear surgery was routine...zillions of kids have this surgery I know, but it was not routine to me...however it did make me think a whole lot about how blessed I really am. This surgery was hopefully a once in a life time thing for him. As far as I know there were no complications and we do not expect any follow up problems, but there are families out there who face surgeries and tragic procedures everyday just to keep their little ones alive. How brave those kids must be to face uncertainty, fear and pain over and over again. How strong those parents are to be honest with the kids and watch over and over again their children scared and in pain for their own long term good.

I have said it before and I will say it again...LIFE IS HARD. Each of us have our own battles to fight each day. Sometimes God gives me little mole hills to climb and pray about and suffer through to help me see the bigger picture of just how blessed I really am. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes and increasing my compassion.

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