Keep on Plugging

When things are hard, what is your first reaction? Mine goes a little something like this..."this is NO fun, I am tired, that is too difficult" quickly followed by an "I want to quit". My first lesson in life about NOT quitting came from sports. I played basketball and I have run so many "suicides" (which is a form of sprinting, stopping at various lines on the court, turning around and sprinting again) in my life that really just hearing the term makes me queasy and short of breath. However, running and having to finish a task was one great lesson to have learned early in my life. I would give nothing for the training I had growing up from my parents and playing sports about finishing a task. It is essential to my job here on the farm. I use endurance and perseverance much more so than the Calculus I learned in high school! Putting up these hoophouses just reinforces the fact that I cannot give up, I cannot let go of the unbalanced huge piece of metal...folks are depending on me, I am depending on me and everyday I am becoming a stronger person, inside and OUT!

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