Are you a big boy?

"Are you a big boy?" This is a question Jim loves to ask Caleb. His response is to shake his head up and down in a overwhelming "YES" fashion. He is a big boy especially when the big boys are headed outside! My little baby is growing up and I am so happy to see him finally be included in the circle of men! It used to break my heart when he would want to go, but couldn't because he could not walk, or was still putting EVERYTHING in his mouth and therefore could not be trusted in a barn! He is growing up, but when he gets tired at the end of a day he will say "baby", "baby"...which is our cue that he needs a little extra snuggle and time for some sleep. It is hard work being a big boy all day! I am more than happy to give that snuggle. To wrap him up in a blanket and cuddle to a few songs before sleep time. His baby days are numbered and I know it...I am just clinging to every "baby" moment I have left!

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