We are all Americans

Yeah so I really didn't have a guy this year...you know like anyone I just totally was sold out to, just knowing he would be a great President of the United States. So I had to go with the closest and well, he didn't win...but I am not completely bummed about that.

On the night of the elections as we were watching the United States turn blue and red one station had Rudi Juliani on TV, who of course was representing McCain. The interviewer asked what he thought about the ever increasing Obama color on the US map. Juliani said, "Well, you know, tonight we are either blue or red, but tomorrow we are all Americans. We will support the winner no matter what for if he fails we all fail."

I loved that. I took it to heart. I prayed for our nation and went to bed and slept (as good as you can sleep in our house of boys!) I woke up the next morning and prayed again for our nation, our current President and our next President, and I will continue to begin my days like this. What Juliani said is biblical. We are called to pray for our leaders...pray that they will make good sound choices, righteous choices so that God's blessing might be passed on to each of our lives.

Instead of being blue or red, happy or sad about the 2008 election, I encourage you to be an American, support our nation and current leaders and PRAY.

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