Life with a slow Motor

Honestly, we really have this THING with taking our animals to the vet. We love our veterinarian, we love our animals, we love doing the right thing taking care of our animals...but once they come home and we pay the bill something happens...almost always we never see the animals again! My one exception to this rule is my cat Trouble, who has been here for a long time and we waited a long time before fixing him thinking it was money down the drain, but here he still is. He made us a believer again and pet after pet we have gone down the road of fixing them only to have them leave the nest by the time their stitches healed.

We thought it was going to be the same story with Motor...Mrs. Motor that is. The boys absolutely adore this cat and even though she is not much to look at she has the best, most sweet personality of any kitty I have ever met. She truly is adorable and just what my two little guys need in a cat. So we had her fixed, we paid the bill, she came home and healed and then was GONE. UHHHHH!! So we looked everywhere, Jim and I talked in CODE about the whereabouts and whatifs of Motor. Then on the third day of looking a weak meow and a hobbling cat came forth! Motor was home and everyone rejoiced despite a definite limp. I checked her out and one back leg was completely useless, the other back leg was weak. I ached inside for the kitty. She is so young and little to not be able to run and enjoy life.

However, once again God is using this farm and farm life to teach me lessons. Lessons from Motor and from a 4 year old boy who has made it HIS job to care for Motor. Motor has strengthened her one good back leg and is now able to hobble right along with us most everywhere we go. She is back to eating heartily and still enjoys all the petting we have time to give her. She really is an amazing little kitty, who is still as sweet as the first day she came to live on our farm...her attitude is amazing. Does she know she is hurt? or is she simply giving each day everything she has no matter what...good leg or bad?

Now, Dylem my 4 year old started off on the wrong foot when Motor showed up lame. I think he did not understand perhaps or perhaps just wanted to see her move so he could see her legs not working right....but either way he kicked her with his boot. I saw him and promptly told him that was NOT what FARMERS do. God put farmers here on the earth to take care of land and animals especially when they are sick...and I do believe he took that to heart. From that moment forward he has carried Motor extra milk, made Motor numerous beds of straw (whether she has used them or not we may never know), brought toys to Motor, sat down on the ground and petted Motor and in general done everything that his little mind knows to do to care for an animal...and it makes my heart smile and makes little tears burn at the corners of my eyes because not only is he learning how to take care of an animal, he is learning about life...and how it is not always pretty and whole things are sometimes broken but life must go on. He may not know he is learning anything right now, but his Mom knows this lesson from God will come in handy one day in explaining life to her little Farmer Boy. And Mom is learning too no doubt.

Thank you God for letting Motor be OK, and thank you for the compassion you have on our lives here as we struggle like Motor to make it in this earthly life You have given us. Help us to be like the little kitty and make everyday as good as it possibly can be, and please send us kind, compassionate angels to help us along during our "limps" in life.

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