The bright side

During all of the hoophouse deconstruction and reconstruction, we were scheduled to dedicated Caleb to the Lord at our church. Yeah he is 18 months old and we are a bit behind, but well it seems like it has been uphill since he was born about when to have him dedicated. I didn't really want to ruin everyone else's service with my colicky screaming bundle of joy, so we waited until he outgrew that, but then there was no way we could do it in the summer months...and well you get my drift, the dedication service just kept getting postponed. We met a young single mom at the parenting class we had to take before we could dedicate Caleb and well she helped shape my whole attitude change about life at the moment. She has two kids, one 3 months old, the other 2 years old...the two year old girl suffered brain damage at birth and cannot walk, feed herself or talk. It hit me right then how much more uphill everyday could be for me than it already is.

So one cold evening at World Outreach Church, we gathered together to dedicate a bunch of little ones to God and it was a blessing.

Jim, Caleb and myself joined together with Dylem who folded his little hands (not something I taught him), closed his eyes and did what the Pastor asked him to do...pray for his brother and our family that we would stay strong and together and commit to trust God in all things.

I cannot tell you how hard it is to see the bright side in life, until God makes it shine so bright it cannot be ignored.

Much love and God's peace to all of you...especially those really hurting, fighting and struggling right now.

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