What is the saying the faster i go...the more behinder I get? Though it is not what I want my mantra to be, it seems to be true of the way I am feeling these days. Spring and all that comes with it is just BUSY. Good busy, but nevertheless BUSY. There is so much more that needs doing outside, plus the inside stuff hasn't let up one bit, the kids still need to eat and the floors still need to be swept and I just keep thinking to myself that if I could get them to eat off the floor maybe that would save me a few minutes a day! Just kidding, but seriously things seem to be in full speed. Until your boy points out a new bird, or asks how things get pregnant, or one kid is just so darn cute and content that you have to STOP no matter how busy you are and enjoy the moment (and think of a really good age appropriate answer to that second question!). Enjoy the there is a saying worth shooting for in my life!

Much love to you and many moments to enjoy this spring!

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