Gearing up for Spring

Well, what can i say? I am finding being a farmer, wife, mother to a 2 year old and 6 months pregnant challenging to say the least. I read books about how hard it is to sleep when you are pregnant and just have to chuckle. My husband must chuckle too because most nights I am asleep before our 2 year old is! I don't mean to sound like I am complaining, because I am not. This season of my life just makes me even more in awe of the pioneering women who legend has it spit out babies and hopped back in the wagon train and cooked supper that night over a fire and kept all of her eleven other children perfectly in line...all at the same time of course! Seriously did they do it? I have lots of modern conveniences that make my jobs quicker and easier and I still run out of energy and time each day. Life is busy and good though. There is just something about turning up the ground for the first time each spring that just makes life seem right. To see the brown garden dirt against the deep green of the spring grasses makes life look like a dream! Seed potatoes go in the ground and my mouth begins to water thinking about frying up some of those little guys in a few months! My mind also begins to take stock of our dwindling pantry and I begin to mentally make a list of everything we need to preserve during this summer's harvest. Spring is a blessed beautiful time when anything seems possible!

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