The Tornado Story--God's cupped hands

April 10, 2009

Normal CSA pickup weekend Friday. Jim, the boys and I do chores, then get busy harvesting for Friday/Saturday CSA boxes. My helper, Kelley a student at MTSU arrives and we get busy washing veggies and making boxes. I check the weather. Storms coming, a warning that April and May are prime TN tornado months--OK. Jim leaves to take his father for some tests in Nashville, should be back early afternoon in time for chores. A ewe has begun to lamb in the far field. I tell Kelley that we should get eggs, bed down the animals and get all of our chores done since it looks to be raining soon. So we do and the wind picks up but nothing out of the ordinary. She takes Dylem and Caleb to the house while I try to get the sheep to come up so I can pen them up...especially the one about to lamb. Nothing is too windy and they are all nervous, so I head for the house. I put Caleb down for a nap and check the computer for weather...line of storms almost here. I fix lunch for Kelley myself and Dylem. We sit down to eat. It is barely raining and really nothing out of the ordinary wind wise...just looks like a normal spring storm. Two bites later the wind screams--no frieght train just high pitched. My ears pop, Kelley's ears pop. I tell her to grab Dylem and head for the tub. I get Caleb from the crib and head for the tub (yes it was crowded!). Seconds later it is over. I get out and look across the road. I see the red barn and trees down, but all of this one at a time, like God was just showing me things as I could handle them. Ok I thought, damage, but not too bad. I went back to check on the kids after grabbing a radio. There is another line of storms coming. I check out another window, hen house gone. Ok. I finally try another window and see plastic and bent metal---yes all 4 gone. It was at this moment I realized exactly how amazingly blessed the four of us were to still be breathing, in a house still standing, undamaged with electricity back on at this point. Honestly, when you view the damage and path of the tornado you can clearly see God's cupped hands around our little white farmhouse, which contains everything on this earth that I cannot live without--my family and forever bonded friend Kelley.
P.S. The ewe did lamb during and after the storm, set of twin girls, we have named them Tornado and Twister--haha...I bet they will be a handful!

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