Cleaning up and dealing with the fog

So my life feels like a roller coaster between thankfulness and guilt. On one hand, we are blessed and thankful that our home was not damaged and that our family is all still with us, but somehow in the midst of seeing what all needs to be done my heart grows heavy and I wonder if I can do it. I say "I" because truly I just wonder if I have the strength to pull this off. I feel like I was running on low when this know? And yet time and time again I am reminded that I am not called to do this by my own strength. It is when I am empty that HE fills the cup...well pour it on out God. And then the guilt...what we are dealing with is just a setback, work to be done, lots of work do be done, but it is just "stuff". Many of you are dealing with cancer and other physical ailments in which you have absolutely no control over. And so it goes...the roller coaster and my only solution for this ride is to eat the elephant one bite at a time. Get through chores first, focus on one task at a time, don't look around at what needs to be done, just focus on what is coming thankful in all things. I have to remind myself constantly of these things and that is annoying...shouldn't I be above this funky fog? Then I can barely hear Him say..."I am with you"...yes the God who gives and takes away is with me and in Him I can do all bite at a time!

So many thanks go out to so many people..If you are not sure if I am thanking you...just assume it applies to you as well and pat yourself on the back for making me smile. The workdays we have had the past few weeks have been beautiful...absolutely peace on earth...exactly what God intends for us to do while we are walking around down here...thank you for being God with skin on to us in so many ways the past few weeks. Thanks Mom for getting my family clean clothes again, thanks to everyone who brought food, money that helped us bridge the gap, tools, trucks, EVERYTHING! We thank you!

We have finished getting Jim's parents farm fences and gates put back together, the barn has been repaired, all the metal has been cleared away from the growing area, crops have been planted, summer crops have been planted across the road, fences on our land have been secured enough to turn cattle and sheep out to at least one new pasture. Still lots of trees to cut and fences to mend, but we can see the light...and firewood! at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks again for all of your friendship, help and love!

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