Chasing Cars

All my growing up years I longed to be a doctor, to deliver babies and later to become an animal doctor. It never materialized and last week I had one of those hindsight 20-20 type moments when I realized God does know best what we are cut out for.

I suppose it would be fair to say that my stress level has been running a bit high since April 10. I try hard to keep bad thoughts away from my mind and heart, but it does feel like I am over protective and kind of operating in 911 mode these days.

So a few weeks ago, one of our customers who is due with baby #4 in June came to the house to pick up the final winter CSA box of the my defense she almost always comes alone or by herself with her 3 kids in the van.

So we are chatting about the summer CSA plans and how she is feeling and other such things when I see her van, with three lovely babies begin rolling backwards into the road from our driveway. 911 mode kicks in and I mentally begin calculating the steps I will need to take to save these kids as I am physically running out my front door.

Need to get to driver side. Open door. Hit brakes. Try to get van in park.

Then the van turns and instead of going further toward the road it backs up in our driveway and then I see it...HIM rather...her husband, whom I am sure is just as surprised to see me bolting for his car as I am to see him DRIVING!

I apologized and apologized and then I apologized and wonder what kind of stories are being told about the "lady who grows our vegetables".

At any rate it was pretty clear to me at that point that I was not created to be a person who handles large amounts of stress on a regular basis...and thankfully most of the time I am working with vegetables and dirt and animals, who fortunately can't talk...and if they ever do---I plead the 5th!

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