Before you read any further, this email is not really about me, us, our family and what we have been through. I mean it IS...but it is also about the many of YOU out there who have hurts I cannot imagine bearing, yet you do and all the while you give glory to God through your tears. You are amazing and you keep me going....that said here is my heart.

So much hurt in this world you know? Just about the time I think I can get my head above water and have prayed through a burden of someone near and dear to me another call comes in and I wonder where this will all stop? And yet I know it probably won't stop. I have asked myself WHY, told God I do not understand at all, told God it does not make any sense to me, but I have heard no reply. I get the sense that He is just asking me...which will you choose: to believe in Me only when things are good and make sense to you, or believe in ME no matter what happens? Very good question God and without saying a word, I get your point!

So this morning I stand with all of you out there who do not understand yet choose to praise Him, whose hearts are breaking, yet you do not turn from your faith in Jesus Christ, who can hardly speak a prayer for the tears and pain in your heart yet you say "not to us, but to YOUR glory.

Truly He is a God who gives and takes away...we have to CHOOSE to say Blessed Be YOUR Name through it all.

Don't you think God smiles when despite it all, the pain and confusion, hurt and questions we choose to say that we trust Him, love Him and know that He works all things together for our good...even though it certainly doesn't feel good right now? I imagine in my mind that God is just like us with our kids wanting to protect them from the hurt and pain, yet so happy and proud of His kids when we do the right thing, when we honor Him.

Hang in there little ones, trust in God, He promises that if we honor Him, He will never fail us. I love each and everyone of you and share in your burdens and joys.

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