That Generational Thing

When I look in the mirror I see my Uncle's nose which also belonged to my Mammaw and perhaps my mom has a bit of it. The gray hair which so profusely is crowding in comes from my Mammaw and Pappaw too (i will leave my Mom out of this for the time being!) More and more each day I am reminded who I am came from my family that went before me and more and more each day I miss those who are no longer here.

As I wash dishes, (you know the ones that won't fit in the dishwasher because you have to many to do at once!!) I think of all the times I washed dishes with my Mammaw. The water would be so hot I could hardly stand to put my hands in it. I always put in too many bubbles which made her job of rinsing harder, but she rarely said anything. Glasses first, followed by plates and silverware always last. Pots and Pans were already finished...she washed as she cooked the meal, something apparently I did not pickup on good enough! When I visited it meant that Pappaw got the night off from drying, I am sure he liked to see me coming just for that reason! So sweet times in the kitchen, talking and laughing and double rinsing my soapy dishes usually followed by ice cream or popcorn and Hee-Haw or a good round of Old Maid.

That is what I am made of, those times, that is what I fall back on when I get "home sick". I hope each and everyday I am investing some "good times" with my boys so they will remember this kind of stuff about their Mom and not just that they got stuck with her big feet!

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