Once upon a time I went to a meeting at the library in Mboro where they asked how many people recycled. Everyone in the room raised their hand except for me. One of the speakers sheepishly looked over at me and smiled. The current speaker looked at me and do not recycle? Ok...I am a bum...a bum farmer who cares about the earth, but I don't recycle. At least I did not think I did. This question has haunted me for a couple of months now, so I have objectively looked at my lifestyle to see if I could consider myself a recycler. My hang up is this, we live in Eagleville where the only recycle bins they have at the county run center are newspaper (which we don't receive), soda cans (which we don't drink), and cardboard (which we have LOTS of and I DO recycle this intensely either at the landfill or for other uses around the house). We simply don't have the room in our house for several different bins to be lying around...nor do I have the time to drive to town on a regular basis to get rid of said bins that I do not have room for! So I was a bit downtrodden that I am supposed to care for the earth, yet I do not call myself a recycler. That is when I realized there are more ways than textbook recycling to accomplish the same job of not throwing stuff straight into the landfills. I came across a word recently that I LOVE...repurposing. Now that has been in my family for YEARS! Grocery store or T-shirt (how did they get this name?) bags have been used for duffel bags, overnight bags, swimming hole wet clothes transporters, picnic baskets, toy totes, garbage bags,and packaging material in my family for years! Before plastic...the paper sacks were reused the same as above, but with a fun twist...cut out eyes and a mouth and stick it over your head for hours of fun, provided you don't run into anything and get hurt! My final conclusion was this...I do recycle (yeah), but true to my roots not in the conventional way. The guilt has passed and enthusiasm for repurposing has taken hold!

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