5 going on 50

My first born is now 5, which is quite the capable age and he learns so much so fast each day. We say he is 5 going on 50 for there is an old soul inside my little boy. A soul that cares about animals, people and getting a job done. It is a beautiful thing and honestly if this child were not born on a farm I think he would have been miserable. God really does know what He is doing for sure! Dylem has had an interest and work ethic to go along with that interest in farming since he was 2 when he began helping us feed the chickens and could understand basic communication. Today at 5 he likes to HELP. In the past I would have said "help"...because as we all know sometimes them helping really doesn't get you further down the line, but not so anymore concerning Dylem...he is full fledged and fully invested in the farm. He HELPS and he is a blessing to me and Jim. Jim and I commonly have to ask him if he wants to go play and he sometimes responds "Mom, there is more to life than just playing", or "No, I'm tired of playing, I want to work"...goodness I think I will run him for president in 2012 and maybe he can straighten our nation out! This blog was not intended to brag, for his heart, strength, attitude and desire does not come from me or his Dad, but the One who Created Dylem. God alone knew what an amazing gift He was giving both Jim and I 5 years ago...and each day I am so thankful for him...and for the One who gave him to us.

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