Times are a changing!

Many of you at the Franklin Market keep asking me if the little guy running around playing tractors behind our booth is the same little guy who hung out mostly asleep on my back this time last year at the Market. YES, it is the same little guy, Caleb and this week he turns TWO! I realize how much time has changed things when I think back to how much he loved to ride in his backpack last year and now...he wants nothing to do with it. He actually prefers to walk everywhere...unless he is tired. He has changed so much from being a total mommas boy to wanting to be where the action is...which most of the time is with brother and Daddy and tools and tractors! All kids are different and I especially now know that, but the one thing the boys have in common is their love of tractors all shapes, colors, sizes (real and play). Which is good because for the forseeable future tractors will be a part of their lives! Caleb is our "chirpy bird", who likes to try to talk and sings when he plays. It will melt your heart to hear him playing or learning a new word (O-A-O = potato) and I know that means he is growing up. That is what I want him to do of course...grow up good and strong in the Lord, be an honest man who knows the value of work...and hopefully that will be him someday. For now, I will cherish the sweet times we have together while he still likes to snuggle and give amazing night night hugs. Happy Birthday little one, I love you!

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