When life hands you lemons...yeah, yeah you know the rest of that line right? Well it is true! I know so many folks right now who have been handed lemons yet you would never know it for the sweet lemonade they serve up each day to others through their positive attitude. So the Vaughns are trying to be in the lemonade business this summer. Sometimes we struggle and need a bit more sugar to make it palatable, but overall we are trying to find and see the bright side of each day and happening.

Little work update for those of you who helped us take apart the greenhouses after the tornado...We have gotten the permits to rebuild the hoophouses and are now in the process of having the structures requoted. Thanks to YOU for helping us gently disassemble the houses we are going to be able to save around $1500.00 on our reconstruction costs!! Every little bit helps around here! So thank you again for all you have done to help us keep the sunny side up!

In addition to the metal we are going to be able to reuse on the new hoophouses, we are also "recycling" some of the metal not strong enough/good enough to be used in the structures in new ways on the farm. This past week Jim and Tim build a "Sheep Shade", out of an old tobacco wagon, parts and pieces from the old hoophouses and a piece of shade cloth. (See photo of the week for picture). It's little things like the sheep shade that help us each day to realize that something good and useful can come from something broken.

Our lives are like that too...even when we are broken beyond repair in our own strength, God can use us for another purpose in someone else's life. Don't ever feel you are beyond repair!

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support, understanding and muscles in helping us plug along this year!

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