This past week I asked a customer if she was having a good summer and she replied..." I hate to be honest, but no not really". I LOVE THAT! Yes, you heard me right...I LOVE THAT! Being honest about how you feel, where you are in life at this moment. Her next comment to me was that she knew it was "just a season", and that she was so thankful she "has God to lean on". Let me just tell you this girl has it all together! Why is it when we are down, struggling or blue we try to cover it up with "just fine?". Of course we have all met the folks that even if they were handed a million dollars would find something wrong with it...those are folks with a serious perspective problem. What I am talking about is being honest with each other so that we can more effectively help each other through prayer, through a home cooked meal, through help with the kids one day...whatever it is, if others know there is a need, then they can help. And just in case you are wondering this IS a NEW concept for me. Typically I am the independent one who is "fine" no, really I am "FINE!" But God has shaken my world up a whole lot in the last few years, so much so that I am not really "fine" anymore. I have honestly never felt more helpless on my own and I suspect that is a good thing...probably the lesson I am supposed to learn. I need God each and every minute of the day to help me, to give me the strength I need to push on...otherwise this world is too uncertain, too risky for me. I thank God for my Angel this week, who helped me to see that it is OK to let others know life is not so great and in doing so has allowed me to know where to aim my prayers more effectively.

I wish each of you a great and happy week. Summer is such an amazing time, I hope you are all able to enjoy it to the max this week! Blessings to you! Julie

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