Tired, but good and overflowing

I can remember back in April as we planted for the first time following the tornado. Jim and I stopped to pray before we set out any transplants or seeds. We simply told the Lord exactly where we were, that we were whipped from all angles, that we felt like we were supposed to keep farming, keep growing this season, but it would not succeed unless God touched us, our farm, our helpers, our kids and most on our mind...our crops.

So the logical next step in this pretty story would be that our crops never looked better, we had tons of produce, our kids won beauty contests and Jim and I renewed our vows in a field of sunflowers---sorry!

The first few months of this growing season were some of the most challenging we have ever seen. Several late frosts bit back our already beat up tomato plants, peppers and cucumbers. Three weeks of rain saw our seed potatoes rotting in the ground instead of sprouting. Bugs were not just a problem this spring they were a crop destroyer...and yet this is not the full story either.

I have this verse on my refrigerator, because with two boys and two young farm helpers I am constantly needing something in there (ok for me too! haha)
"Psalm 126:5-6 Those who plant with tears will gather fruit with joy. He who goes out crying as he carries his seed will return with songs of joy as he brings much grain with him."

I am now seeing the fullfillment of this verse, the fullfillment of God's promises to us. This week we picked beans like there was no tomorrow. And then tomorrow it looked like we had not just picked them yesterday...this past week we have gathered and harvested and each of us physically and emotionally given everything we have to this piece of ground...and it is good. The abundance is amazing. The love and attitudes on this farm are a blessing each day. We have never had better help, more fun doing the dirty muddy work of farming, the boys have never hung in there with us and helped in their own ways, God has given me wisdom on controlling the bugs in a responsible/beneficial way, rain has fallen at the exact moment that I knew without God showing up there would be nothing to put in the boxes the coming week.

I don't understand God and His ways, but I am learning to trust Him, I am learning to trust Him even when I don't get the results I want...He is not a magic wand, He is sovereign. He is faithful, He is Lord. His word is true...always true and if I can pass on one thing to my children about God it would be this...His word never fails us...He never fails us...He is able to be trusted with the big and little of our lives.

Indeed we are singing songs of Joy right now even though we are tired. And God be praised, we are now bringing in much grain (beans and squash if you will) that was planted with tears.

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