I'll be there in the morning

Friday, a day to just get harvesting done and then spend some time with the boys Jim says on Thursday. Great I think, this is perfect! Then at lunch Jim makes a call which results in him telling me that our Friday plans are cancelled, we need to get ready for Jonathan. Jonathan, I have been looking for him for a couple of weeks, wondering when we can get him and his lovely bulldozer, bobcat and other great equipment in here between rains to get our ground ready for the construction of 3 hoophouses. So mixed feelings! I had wanted to spend time with the boys and FOLD CLOTHES (ok I didn't want to fold clothes, but rather needed to in order to be able to walk into our bedroom and besides that Caleb's drawers were empty!) But Heigh-Ho, it is off to rip out we go. The garden ground across the road looks like Spring, like the kind of spring when nothing is planted and the dirt is all smooth and beautiful waiting on fresh transplants. This time three of the transplants will be metal, 35x144 and covered with plastic by the beginning of September!

Hank Delvin is doing well, he was moved this past week to a rehabilitation/therapy center in Cool Springs to stay until his hip surgery in two weeks. After that surgery they will do the knee replacement and then he will return to the center in Cool Springs for a few months of therapy before he is able to return home. They have told him he will be farming by Spring and I know that is what spurs him on, that and all of YOUR prayers!

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