17,000 pounds of steel

8 or 9 o'clock was the ETA for our semi load of greenhouse parts and pieces. 6:45 am we get a call on our cell phone (which we do not check often) saying the driver is on 840 (close to our house!) So I was kind of joking with myself (something I tend to do more and more these days) about what kind of warm-up unloading 17,000 pounds of metal is? I mean like what kind of workout should follow that type of warm up? OK, so it was just funny to me! sorry!

We didn't physically have to unload each piece by hand, we had a tractor with a front end loader that we could chain the bundles of steel to in order to get them off the truck, so my warm up was more like: hook chain one, hook chain two, throw off 2x4s, hook chain one, hook chain two, slide metal so I can rehook chain one. Really not that complicated unless you cannot see properly.

Ahh sight, A week or so ago I got new frames and lenses. Honestly something is wrong! I feel like I live in the grass like a Smurf, the ground is higher than it should be so when I walk I am expecting my feet to hit firm ground, but they keep going. This is a REAL problem when you are standing on the bed of an 18 wheeler hopping on and off. I would expected to have made land fall, and yet I am still in the air?? So after unloading I broke a promise to my optometrist and went back to my old glasses. I just can't have the ground moving around like that, it doesn't seem safe to me. Hopefully we can get this sight thing resolved in the next few weeks--before I have to be on an 8 foot ladder on top of a gravity wagon building endwalls in the new hoophouses!

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