The life of a blueberry plant at Rocky Glade Farm

We really do have good intentions around here. I don't know why things we plan for years in advance take even more years to come to completion, but that is life at Rocky Glade Farm and it is a good one even if it off schedule a bit from our yellow legal pad and calendar! About 3 years ago we purchased little 1 inch blueberry plant plugs. They were tiny, but healthy and they have been living in our greenhouse ever since. We intended to plant them last fall--nope too dry. This spring--nope, tornado. So this fall it is, and please agree with me that is is close to fall because that is when you are "supposed" to plant them! Anyway, I was able to get about 25 plants snuggled in to a happy, rich dirty home. I hope they thrive and produce and grow like all get out! That is what we bought them for so many years ago. I do hope they understand they were never forgotten. Out of sight out of mind, but never forgotten...just like our apple trees--but that is another story!

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