Didn't think it would take this long

Here we are in almost September and we still cannot find what we are looking for! Just this past week we needed some water hose to run sprinklers to the newly planted area across the road. We don't normally need sprinklers to germinate our fall crops like carrots and beets because they are normally grown in the hoophouses along the irrigation lines. But we needed the hose this year because we don't have hoophouses, so Jim went fishing up in the loft and found something he wasn't looking for...wasps! A huge nest of wasps had taken up residence in between some of the hoophouse doors that we have salvaged and stored in the barn. Wasps taken care of he found the hoses and we have planted and sprinkled and were trying to weed when uhhh the wheel hoe decides to break. We tried to blame in on Kelley, our intern, but she remembered how distorted that wheel hoe looked after the tornado (it was just a matter of time before it gave way)! All of the above to say this: after the tornado in April we had no idea how long it would take to recover. We are still recovering, will be recovering for a long while I imagine, a lot longer than we believed at first. It will be a long road to get over the effects of the tornado in all areas of our lives: financially, emotionally, and physically. But before you get the wrong idea and think I am throwing a pity party let me say this. In contemplating my own situation, it has made me think of those folks who lost their HOMES, who still are not back home...no where near back home and will never have their home back. There are folks like Hank Delvin, who really wants to get better from his truck accident, but the recovery time for that is really out of his hands...and yes it is probably going to take longer than he wants it to, longer than he thought at first. Life is like that, tricky. It is easy to have hope in the first few days/weeks of a life changing thing. It is easy to be strong then. You find out what you are really made of later in the game, when the fans have gone home, the dreary wearies are setting in and you feel too tired to go again. But you get up, put one foot in front of the other and make today the best today it can possibly be, because no matter what we do not quit. Life is not easy, it is not for the weak willed. God is making each of us through our struggles in life stronger everyday, for a reason, His purpose. Don't lose your hope. Keep plugging, even if it takes longer than you first thought to see the finish line!

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