Best part of my day

Our days get going pretty early around here as you might imagine. Chores, breakfast, teeth brushing and bed making and then "ool, urk" as Caleb so cutely describes the time that his big brother and I learn about letters, money and other things a 5 year old should know. Work, work, work, almost always revolving around vegetables this time of the year, and before you know it chore time is upon us. Dinner follows chores, and playtime usually follows dinner for the boys, but not for mommy usually. Mommy is usually wrapped up in getting the kitchen clean from a whole day of eating and not much cleaning up. Mommy is usually doing laundry, picking up toys, taking a few minutes to check email. In general, Mommy is getting ready for BED! Sometimes Daddy will ask the boys if they want to go to the woods, go see Grandpa's cows etc, something fun back in the wild back pastures where all kinds of neat creatures live. Almost always Mommy is asked if she would like to go, and almost always Mommy says "no" because there is so much to do at home. This past Friday night after a crazy day of three loads of concrete delivered, harvesting for market and CSA, buying two hives of bees and getting a new Dutch barn Daddy asked Mommy if she would like to go. I suppose Daddy saw Mommy waver and just answered for her, "yeah, why don't you go". So Mommy went, and saw 3 new baby calves, hawk feathers and gum ball seed pods, took some pictures, went fishing with two little boys with nothing but sticks, and got to sit quietly by Daddy for a few mintues. It was the best part of Mommy's day, and she thinks she should say "YES" more often!

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