Hang in there folks! The verse I claimed for our farm and family this year was Psalm 126:5-6 "Those who plant with tears will gather fruit with joy. He who goes out crying as he carries his seed with return with songs of joy as he brings much grain with him." And God has by far shown his faithfulness to our family this summer through folks like you helping us at every turn, but also in His handiwork in nature. Not everything we planted was amazing, but this year's crop production was miraculous in comparison to years past. I credit it all to God and His amazing ability to bring beauty from ashes.

I know this verse seems to be all about gardening, but it is really about enduring and overcoming. Did you know that is all that God has asked us to do? He said things would get ugly, we would not fully understand, sometimes life would not make sense and unfair things would happen all around BUT He promised a reward to those who endure, who finish this race of life, AND He promised He would never leave us, and would always equip us with what we need at just the right time. I know many of you are hurting, life does not make sense, but you are enduring. You are putting one foot in front of the other and that is all God has called us to do. One of my favorite sayings is "act like it all depends on YOU and pray as if it all depends on God." Meaning, keep your feet moving and your heart in continual communication with God. Stay strong and do not lose heart.

I pray a special blessing of endurance for each of you this week!

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