A Blessing for Your Family

Do you ever find quotes or things that just attract your mental attention from magazines, church bulletins, billboards? etc? Well this week I would like to share a family blessing from pastor Allen Jackson at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro. This blessing was inside our bulletin as part of a sermon many years ago, but it caught my attention then and has just stayed with me and my refrigerator for years now. The paper is yellow but the blessing is just as sure and sweet as the first time I read it. I can remember praying this prayer during the nights I was up with our first child Dylem and I can remember praying this prayer during times of stress and major decision for our family. I hope you enjoy it and will put it to use for your family as well! Much love to you all!

Heavenly Father, I invite your blessing on __________________. May your protection surround us, your power sustain us and your love motivate us. Bring joy and contentment to our lives. Guide us toward your pathway each day. May your abundance be evident in all we do---most of all may we be rich toward YOU. I invite the blessing of God Almighty on our lives. In Jesus' name, Amen.

May you be blessed indeed!

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