Winter is coming

It is hard for me to describe to you the feeling of knowing that winter is coming, frost is on its way and you are not prepared. For most of you, being prepared for winter means having emergency stuff in your trunk (mental note to add that to my list too), checking to make sure jackets from last year still fit and knowing that the days are going to get shorter and the electric bill larger.

Here on the farm, knowing winter is coming is like watching sand go through the hourglass. The closer it gets to the bottom the faster it seems to go. So are the sands of our lives here at Rocky Glade. We were up against a forecast of cold and frost like temperatures and still there was so much to do. Hay to be brought in from the fields, square bales to be gathered and stacked in the barn, trellis from summer veggies to be torn down and sorted, the ground to be planted in winter cover crops, animal pens to be readied for winter months, groups of animals needing regrouping for better overwintering, pastures needing fertilizing and clipping in preparation for winter stockpiling---ahhh and I haven't even gotten to my list of things to get done around the house!

However, we made a plan and attacked it with all we had during the days it did not rain and I am happy and proud to say that for what it is worth we are "ready" for winter. There is still plenty of wood to be gathered and cut, plenty of crops to be covered, plenty of everyday picking up and putting away, but the big things, the ones that stand out like a big black eye are checked off the list.

Winter is coming and I might add that not all winter is bad. The boys begin to like oatmeal again. My husband comes home in time for dinner instead of working late trying to get just a bit more done while there is daylight (that is the only good thing I can think of about the shorter days).

It is my prayer that for the boys and I this winter that we will take time to watch more movies snuggled up together, we will bake a lot of cookies and that the library gets sick of seeing us we read so many books. I also earnestly hope that we will learn to LOVE God's word more, that we will make an effort to hide it in our hearts for all time. Hopefully if we hide it there in the slower days of winter, we will find it once again during the crazy days of spring and summer!

Much love to you all this winter. May you be blessed!

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