May it be unto me

I have thought many times about Mary, you know the mom of Jesus. We all think how great she was and how blessed she was and how chosen she was, but have you ever thought of what trials she faced? She was engaged, NOT married mind you in a period of time where being pregnant out of wedlock could wind you up STONED, like death by stoning! Her family did not receive any angelic visitation, so she endured their disappointment. She did not have an easy pregnancy traveling to visit Elizabeth and then on to Bethlehem with Joseph to be counted. She gave birth on a supposedly cold night in a stable. I'm all for homebirths, but even a stable is not the tidiest of places to go through labor and delivery.

But Mary chose to be used, she said "let it be unto me as the Lord has said". She did not complain that I know of. And for all her pain and suffering and willingness she was rewarded by God to be the first person to gaze into the beautiful baby eyes of Jesus. To be the one who pushed baby Jesus out while gazing into the night sky filled with the bright light of THE star.

And so I wonder and pray for God to use me too, but would I be willing to pay the price Mary paid? Would I be willing to walk that road alone knowing I was doing God's will while the rest of the world talked behind my back?

I love the Christmas story, I love all the people in it and the ending and just every single part of it, but Mary, she registers with me, she makes me think, she inspires me to say "may it be unto me Lord as you will"

Merry Christmas!

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