An ode to 2009

Well for the longest time I have been saying I could not wait to put 2009 behind me. I cannot look back on any month in 2009 without experiencing the emotion that went with it. Our lives were filled with good and bad, the unexpected, challenges and joy. Guess that is what real life is all about huh?

Somehow as I get older life gets more hurtful. I don't know if I am just paying more attention, or if I am simply more vulnerable, more emotional? So when I am in a blue kind of mood 2009 seems like a good year to can, then bury DEEPLY, then maybe pile on a few layers of oh say 15 dump truck loads of dirt, rocks and a final layer of concrete just to seal it up good and tight. In all honesty I guess it really does qualify for that kind of yearly status, however as much as I try there were so many bright spots too.

Like saying goodbye to my grandparents physically and their farm which felt a lot like HOME in East Tennessee and finally after many months being able to say I am OK with that decision.

2009 brought us an outpouring of love from our friends, family, neighbors we barely knew and customers who came to our rescue financially, and physically by working hours to help us clean up and restore our farm after the tornado in April.

What once was a major low and crisis of belief for me mid-year with so many of my friends and family physically hurt in accidents, afflicted with or dying of disease, became miracles by year end with restored mobility, tumors reduced and eliminated, chemo regiments completed, relationships healed, or at the very least some sort of progress being made.

I simply could not miss the growth of both my boys in 2009 as Caleb went from a boy who would nap on my back in a backpack to a boy who will not nap at all. Loose teeth and all kinds of other signs that my oldest is fast approaching grown-up land are all around me, each one making my heart hurt as I see time flying past me and I am unable to stop it sometimes even just long enough to enjoy the moment.

So to you 2009, with all of your ups and downs, you were still a good one. Just like the ones before you have been in one way or another. Just like 2010 will be in one way or another too!

With God all things are possible and THAT my friends is what pulls me through year to year, eventually age to age!

"Do not be sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength" Nehemiah 8:10

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