A chance to feed the bees

Well it finally warmed up enough that the bees were out and about on Friday. Honestly there were times last week that I walked by the hive and just wondered "Is anyone at home? Have they left me, decided it was too cold here and moved to Florida?" Well, Friday proved they are alive! and still in Tennessee! It was pure joy to hear them buzz in the hoophouses and in the little greenhouse, great to see them doing their thing of cleaning house of debris and bees that did not survive "the great cold!" I gave them a bit of sugar water to give them a little nutritional boost so they could save their honey stores for the next cold snap and watched them check out all the changes I had made to their hive entrance. They are fascinating!

So why do I like these bees so much? I really do not have the answer to that. I totally have no idea what I am doing with them. Just sort of do what others suggest and what feels right with them and they seem to roll on with life at each turn. Maybe that is why I like them, they are not demanding and are very forgiving AND I have not been stung YET.


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